Saturday, 27 August 2011

Bridgnorth Animation Festival review

We're breaking the rules with an extra blog update to give you our mini review on the Bridgnorth Animation Festival.

The Animation Mini Festival was held at The Majestic Cinema in Bridgnorth featuring local animations and international animations. As we mentioned in previous updates, one of our own animators had their film shown during the festival. The event had a great attendance as each animation was shown on the big screen. Local animators were also given a moment to introduce their film which was a pleasant feature of the event.

The event was introduced by James Clarke, author of Animated Films, who gave a brilliant talk on the potential that animation has as a medium to be more human than live actions films can ever be. With the ability to tackle themes and subjects in a variety of styles and moods, where even the darkest truths of our society can be presented with a completely fresh perspective in its visuals as well as the story.  It was an inspiring talk and a great way to introduce the event.

The festival was closed with the trailer of Lion King 3D and a Toy Story short (in 3D too). The festival was a great experience with inspiring talks, a great location and amazing animations. It's a festival we look forward to returning to next year and the years after.

Friday, 26 August 2011

A new look

As you will have noticed by now, the blog has a new look. In addition to the blog, our website, twitter and YouTube profiles have undergone similar changes to match the new colour scheme.

The biggest changes have been made to our official site and is still being revamped. The layout has been altered for better navigation and the animator profiles will be improved alongside a new "about" section for S5S. We now have a contact form added to our contact page to make it easier to get in touch with us directly.

To also match the new colour scheme, the show reel will undergo a slight change too with a brand new logo animation. Amongst other developments, we are now working on several projects which we'll announce at later dates.

As we announced last week, we'll be attending the Bridgnorth Animation mini festival taking place tomorrow (Saturday 27th August) at the Majestic Cinema. Caged by S5S animator, Ravi Maheru, will be screened there too. We look forward to meeting everyone there. (More details on the festival here: )

Thanks for the great support so far, if you haven't already please follow us on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo and of course this blog to stay up to date on the S5S world! We'll be back next week with our weekly blog updates, also look out for a blog post dedicated to our impressions and experience of the Bridgnorth Animation festival.

Friday, 19 August 2011

Bridgnorth Music & Arts Festival 2011

The Bridgnorth Music & Arts Festival 2011 begins next week on August 26th which covers a wide range of events over the course of a week.

Sector5 Studios will also be present at the festival on the 27th to attend the Animation mini Festival. "Caged" will be shown at the event which is a short animated film by one of our own animators, Ravi Maheru.

Screenshot of Caged
 The Animation mini Festival will be held at the Majestic Cinema in Bridgnorth ( Click to see map )
on Saturday 27 August, 14:30 – 17:30.  We look forward to seeing everyone there next week.

For more details on Bridgnorth Festival, visit:


We'd also like to announce our new youtube page which you can visit at:

Friday, 12 August 2011

Meet the Animators of S5S

It's time you were introduced to the animators of Sector5:

Matt Ayris says:

"I have a great passion for traditional drawing and contemporary illustration, I also incorperate these ideas into my 2D animations. I am the director of the studio and my greatest goal is to create fresh and impressive animations."

Gary Jones says:

"I'm an animator recently graduated from the University of Wolverhampton with a strong passion for stop frame animation and using it in new and experimental ways. As well as a passion for stop frame I am also interested in many 2D and 3D animation techniques."
Ravi Maheru says:

"A huge fan of creating stories and to immerse the audience in the worlds I create. I specialise in 3D animation (Maya) and mixed media. I'm also in charge of the social media, which means that it's me speaking on this blog, twitter, facebook and so on"

Sandro Nicholas says:
"Having recently graduated from University of Wolverhampton, I specialise in digital 2D animation with a passion for conceptual art and actively learning Zbrush. My priorities in the studio are creating awareness of our brand and promoting the company"

In future blogs we'll have dedicated posts for each animator, so look forward to them.

Friday, 5 August 2011

Drawn from Life

In harmony with the official launch of Sector5 Studios, an animation related event was held in Birmingham on Wednesday. Jonathon Hodgson's 'Drawn from Life" talk (hosted by Animation Forum West Midlands) dived behind the scenes of documentary animation, "Wonderland - The Trouble With Love And Sex".

It was in-depth and a fascinating talk that presented the genre of documentary animation as a genre worth exploring further. It was also great to see Jonathon Hodgson's pervious animations and illustrations that focused on the movement rather than being an exact replication of the subject's shape.

With the talk coming to an end, the evening transformed into a networking event where we met new and familiar faces. One of the more promising networking was with Animation Forum West Midlands' - Dave Allen who suggested organising a Q&A on the AWFM website. So keep an eye out for that in the near future.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

The launch of Sector5 Studios

Welcome to Sector5 Studio's official blog.

We are an up and coming animation studio that specialises in all mediums of animation, including stop motion, 2D and 3D. We are made up of four animators each with our own speciality:
- Matt Ayris
- Gary Jones
- Ravi Maheru
- Sandro Nicholas
This blog will be updated weekly with the latest S5S news! Follow us on this blog and on other social media sites:
Visit our site at:
Whatever your needs are, which ever style you desire...we've got it covered at Sector5 Studios
Blog Post by Ravi Maheru